Collaboration is our way of life, part of our DNA. It’s how we celebrate and connect with original African creativity.  We recognise those that help us rise, learn and grow together.

We’re creating our own scene, a creative community and a platform for talent

Pamela Adhiambo

The inspiration that is Pamela Adhiambo, a community activist in Kenya who works to empower vulnerable woman and children in the community through skills based crafting that enables them to support themselves economically.

Brian Omolo

Brian Omolo is an Illustrator and designer born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya.  Brian loves working with abstract ideas, breaking them down and putting them back together to tell stories.  He see’s originality as being true to who are you and his work as a way of  connect with others. Brian’s creativity combined with our vision made for a great collab about original story telling on Kenyan Originals.

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The awesome Petrix, another true collaborator.  He’s an up coming artist in Nairobi, born in Kibera.  Petrix pursued his talent for art and is shaping his career around expressing his passion for colour and creativity. Petrix has worked with us on many projects, both at Kenyan Originals and now for African Originals. Petrix’s dedication to his craft is a true inspiration, and we are proud to call him a partner and friend to all at AO.

Check out his Instagram here