African Originality

Our mission is to bring you original African craft beverages

We create truly authentic African craft beverages, made with real African ingredients. Our drinks build on traditional African recipes that reflect the culture and individuality of African countries with a modern twist. Drinks with roots, inspired creations we know you’ll love and keep you coming back for more.

We create, learn and refine our craft ensuring we have the best quality drinks around

It’s a platform for celebrating and igniting originality in ourselves and others.

From the farmers and growers across the African continent who lovingly grow and supply our lovely fresh ingredients, to the movers, the shakers, the risk takers who help us drive forwards, they’re all African Originals. We collaborate with these fearless individuals learning, growing and rising up together. From working with Matatu artist’s skills to create art at our production site, to a rising fashion designer to create our merchandise.

We want to celebrate Africans' individuality everywhere

From ‘local vibes’ live music sessions, to livestreaming new artists to give them a platform, we support local creatives.
If you’re an African Original and have a kick ass idea about how we can work together, get in touch!  We’d love to chat.